Some people LOVE social media as it gives them a way to connect with their friends, or to keep up with the latest style and fashion. I found old friends when I added them on Facebook and get to “experience” Australia when my friends posted pictures of their trip there. This are all good uses or ethical ways to use social media.

But what if people/companies misuse it? Not all companies will use social media in an ethical way. Here’s a list of what is considered unethical when doing social media marketing.

But what I would like to highlight is PRIVACY!

How many of you actually read the Terms and conditions of anything? Probably not! But did you know Instagram can actually use your pictures?


Photo taken from Instagram terms and conditions

Shocking? I KNOW! Now you probably want to read those fine prints again. So what happens when a company uses your picture without your permission? Although you can also set your account to “private” to prevent this from happening.

And then there’s “social listening” whereby when companies monitor mentions of their products on social media. How do they do it? By using a social media monitoring software to sift through social networks using keywords. Here’s a survey done by Tnooz.


Photo taken from Tnooz

The first sentence says that 32% of people had no idea companies were listening online. That to me is an invasion of privacy. I feel that companies do not have the right to listen in on other people’s social media without consent! Read more about social listening here!

And then there’s cookies! No, not those with heavenly bits of chocolate chips in it, but cookies used on the web that allows websites to collect data about you! Head to Facebook and you’ll see ads on your feed. How on earth do they know I like to shop at XX? Because they use cookies to see which sites you have been to and use that information to tailor an ad for you. You might think that’s good, but I see another side, which is websites can easily access your data through cookies.

Enough scares! Halloween is over! I want readers to know that there are social media which takes customer privacy into consideration! And that is Wickr! It is like Whatsapp, but more private. Here’s what they do! Read more on their site!


Photo take from Wickr

Hope you have a better idea on unethical thing businesses can do! Please like and comment on what you think! Love to hear more from you!

Yu Ting 😀


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